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Modern Music Department  , formerly the director of music sound system. July 2006 officially changed its name to the modern music department, while the original professional a full range of optimal adjustment. Modern Music Department, South China as the only institution of higher music - New Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, relying on the forefront of regional economic development characteristics of Guangzhou University City and multidisciplinary environment of convergence, established in order to establish the diversity of modern music features, comprehensive modern professional environment positioning of educational ideas. After a thorough research and comprehensive demonstration, reflect contemporary musical development features reflect contemporary music education needs, and take full advantage of multi-cultural environment, and the sustainable development of modern music Factors and Comprehensive feature of contemporary social needs degree, the original director of professional audio optimal adjustment of professional electronic music production, film and television at the same time adding new music, jazz music two professional (direction). Thus forming a covering music, music production, music fusion of a variety of professional teaching school environment.

Currently contemporary music department has a strong team of teachers. There is a number of professional teachers enjoy a high reputation in the field of domestic and international professional musician. In addition, the teachers presented the internationalization of plural identities is an important feature of modern music department in terms of the team of teachers. There are a number of foreign teachers from France, Germany and the United States, making the sync on teaching and advanced teaching philosophy, to create a leading teaching environment. At the same time modern music system with advanced teaching facilities and equipment. Including professional electronic music master core classrooms, music classrooms main core, independent jazz trio classrooms, classrooms jazz piano, jazz percussion classrooms. Electronic music teaching rooms are equipped with PC and APPLE dual system workstations and professional music production hardware and software systems; music trunk classrooms equipped with professional music workstation system, while the system is also equipped with all the students and professional Cubase M-Power production system. While under construction to meet international top level of modern music center and modern percussion center. Center has advanced equipment and the environment, capable of electronic music, a lot of modern music teaching film music recording and editing, music recording, performing and recording, jazz, planning, writing, recording, performing and so on.

Leading Ideas of running modern music department is committed to the hope that the creation and production of electronic music, film, television and multi-media music creation and production of art music, jazz instrumental performance and compose as an art student career development, through the system, science the necessary practical teaching professional teaching theory, the application has the ability to guide the action of the students to conduct a comprehensive professional education and culture. At the same time, with special emphasis on teaching students the relevant expertise, while fully stimulate students' artistic potential and creativity, cultivate students' comprehensive multilateral cooperation skills aesthetic ability and artistic creation, and further enhance the students' respective areas of expertise and interest in exploring spirit, so that in professional quality, creativity, comprehensive aesthetic qualities, as well as the development of thinking and innovative aspects to give all-round development, so that it not only acquire the necessary professional knowledge, others their future career lay a solid professional basic and comprehensive literacy, as well as a high degree of practical application level.

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